Master’s thesis students


Aurélia Beyls: “Combined finite element and biomodelling study of the therapeutic benefits of mechanical stimulation on bone metastasis” (KU Leuven), supervised by Claire

Arturo Famà (Erasmus student at KU Leuven), supervised by Edoardo

Oriana de Becker: “Finite Element Modeling of Implant Biodegradation” (KU Leuven), supervised by Pieter

Sergio Innocente (Erasmus student at KU Leuven), supervised by Fernando

Kwinten Van Meerbeek: “Towards Physics-Informed Neural Network Models for Computer Simulations in Tissue Engineering” (KU Leuven), supervised by Mojtaba

Tijs Vanbosseghem: “Studying the controlled release and degradation of the metallic biomaterials using finite element simulations” (KU Leuven), supervised by Mojtaba

Dieter Vanherck: “Computational investigation of limb morphogenesis: a perturbation analysis” (KU Leuven), supervised by Laura & Tim

Tom Verbraeken: “Identifying molecular interactions in limb development through multiomics analysis” (KU Leuven), supervised by Tim & Laura



Estelle Pitti: “In silico model for Gel Aspiration-Ejection (GAE) process in the context of clinical peripheral nerve repair” (U. Liège & University College London)

Robin Vantilt: “Epigenetic therapy resistance acquisition in lung adenocarcinoma: From cytotoxicity assay to KO screen” (KU Leuven)



Pieter Ansoms: “Finite element analysis of mechanical behavior during the implant biodegradation process” (KU Leuven), supervised by Mojtaba

Lucie Dequiedt: “Large 3D maps of bone tissues at single-cell resolution” (U. Liège & John’s Hopkins University)

Albin Ingmar Faude: “Use of benchtop bioreactor to test 3D scaffold designs for optimal biological activation of cells” (KU Leuven), supervised by Ehsan

Deva Dath Jagarlamudi: “Computational analysis of the inflammatory phase in bone fracture healing” (KU Leuven), supervised by Laura & Edoardo

Simay Şenol: “Development of a stabilizer for scaffolds to repair large bone defects” (KU Leuven), supervised by Satanik

Amber Van Camp: “In silico modelling of Wnt pathways in articular chondrocytes to evaluate mechanistic hypotheses based on experimental observations” (KU Leuven), supervised by Raphaëlle



Astrid Cantamessa: “Evaluating outcome following knee arthroplasty using inertial measurement units” (U. Liège & CERHUM)

Lara Deliège: “An in-silico modelling platform for the prediction of Posterior Vault Expansion outcomes” (U. Liège & University College London)

Guillermo Jorde Cerezo: “Computational modelling and sensitivity analysis of intact and implanted composite and patient-specific hip joints” (KU Leuven), supervised by Fernando

Aneta Kloudová: “Development of an algorithm for the monitoring of patients implanted with a mechanical circulatory support system” (KU Leuven)

Wendy Rouma: “A systematic analysis of mechanistic models for Vaccines-Adjuvant Induced Immune Response” (U. Liège & GSK)



Giulia de Dorlodot: “Investigation of the mechanistic link between metabolic alterations and chondrogenic differentiation in 3D stem cell microaggregates cultures” (KU Leuven)

Rithika Gidijala: “Modelling of Scaffolds for Repair of Large Defects in Articular Cartilage of Human Knee Joint” (KU Leuven), supervised by Satanik

Bjorn Kenis: “Optimization of a stirred mini-bioreactor setup for chondrogenic differentiation of human periosteum derived cell spheroids” (KU Leuven)

Saman Rahimzadeh: “Empirical analysis of temperature variations in a benchtop perfusion bioreactor” (KU Leuven)

Charlotte Stoffels: “Serum-free Three-Dimensional In Vitro Alveolar Lung Model” (U. Liège & U. Luxembourg)



Nina Van Steenvoort: “Optimization of the nozzle design in 3D extrusion based bioprinting for tissue engineering applications” (KU Leuven)



Lluis Oliver Cervello: “Improvement of the biological performance of CaP coatings by using the PILP-mineralized collagen method” (U. Liège & U. Maastricht)

Quentin Vermeire: “Characterisation and development of alginate hydrogel encapsulated human periosteum derived cell microaggregates undergoing chondrogenic differentiation” (KU Leuven)



Jeroen Blommaert: “Microaggregate fusion kinetics during chondrogenic differentiation of human periosteum derived cells” (KU Leuven)



Sophie Klecker: “Can mechanics explain the development of neurofibromatosis type 1 and fracture in the lower tibia?” (U. Liège)

Céline Smekens: “In vitro meets in silico : measuring and modelling the influence of calcium gradients on cell behaviour” (KU Leuven)



Julie Maes: “The influence of mechanics on the development of neurofibromatosis type 1 and fracture in the lower tibia” (KU Leuven)



Benoït Renard: “Experimental comparaison of comercially availables knee prosteses” (U. Liège)



Johan Van Severen: “Modélisation de l’échec de traitement de fracture de l’os : cas d’étude chez le chien” (U. Liège)



Bart Bosmans: “Modelling of mechanotransduction through MAP Kinase pathways in skeletal tissues” (KU Leuven)

Julien Delcommune: “Mechanobiology of tissue engineering in hydrogel carriers: In vitro and in silico mechanical characterization of high density fibrin hydrogels” (U. Liège)

Valentine Vanheule: “Modeling of the effect of oxygen on cell behavior in bone tissue engineering” (KU Leuven)