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Master thesis students

Aurélia Beyls: “Combined finite element and biomodelling study of the therapeutic benefits of mechanical stimulation on bone metastasis” (KU Leuven), supervised by Claire

Oriana de Becker: “Finite Element Modeling of Implant Biodegradation” (KU Leuven), supervised by Pieter

Matts De Keuster: “Comparison of spatial mappings of key amino acid residues exposed at the ribosome exit tunnel inner surface across the three domains of life” (KU Leuven), supervised by Marc

Arturo Famà, supervised by Edoardo (Erasmus student at KU Leuven)

Anton Gorokh: “Tuning the Anisotropy in 3D Matrices for in vitro Engineered Neuronal Systems” (KU Leuven), supervised by Ayse with Prof. Dr. Carmen Bartic (Soft Matter and Biophysics Department, KU Leuven)

Sergio Innocente, supervised by Fernando (Erasmus student at KU Leuven)

Margaryta Ivanets: “Developing osteoarthritis models in mechanically loaded cartilage on chips” (KU Leuven), supervised by Ayse and Gabriele

Apolline Paquay: “In vitro and in silico tools to investigate molecular actors in lymphangiogenesis” (U. Liège), supervised by Sophie

Kwinten Van Meerbeek: “Towards Physics-Informed Neural Network Models for Computer Simulations in Tissue Engineering” (KU Leuven), supervised by Mojtaba

Tijs Vanbosseghem: “Studying the controlled release and degradation of the metallic biomaterials using finite element simulations” (KU Leuven), supervised by Mojtaba

Dieter Vanherck: “Virtual reconstruction of the developing limb by integrating single-cell multiomics and reaction-diffusion equations” (KU Leuven), supervised by Tim & Laura

Tom Verbraeken: “Identifying molecular interactions in limb development through multiomics analysis” (KU Leuven), supervised by Tim & Laura

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