Bingbing Liang

PhD Researcher

Model assisted design of 3D printed biomaterials for optimized bone regeneration in alveolar bone

  • 3D printing
  • Calcium-phosphate biomaterials
  • Porosity structure
  • Model-based design

The use of ceramic biomaterials for dental bone regeneration or alveolar bone preservation is a reliable treatment option compared to autologous bone involving higher morbidity. Improving scaffold design for optimal Osseo integration can be obtained by changes to the local geometry, surface roughness, material composition etc. In this study, the first steps are explained of a model-based design tool for calcium-phosphate-based 3D printed dental biomaterials. The new product will consist of HA/TCP material of optimized shape, porosity and will be available in a range of different sizes in order to be compatible at best with the patient bone defect.

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Sept 2015 – Sept 2016)
    Newcastle University
    Title: Physic-chemical characterization of porous glass-ceramics for medical devices
  • BSc in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
    Central South University of Forest and Technology (Sept 2011 – July 2015)
    Title: Design of the rotating knife type lawn trimming machine

bingbing.liang [at]