Lisanne Groeneveldt

PhD Researcher

Bone tissue engineering: Creating bone tissue for use in craniofacial area by comparing cells from different origins and optimising their processing

  • Cell biology
  • Cell Therapy
  • Bone and cartilage regeneration
  • Clinical translation

This PhD-project focuses on the culture of craniofacial human periosteum-derived cells and and exploring the differences between craniofacial-derived cells and tibial-derived cells. Furthermore, we will optimise culturing strategies by selecting the best combination and dosis of growth factors and select the best scaffolds to use. The obtained tissue-engineered constructs will be tested in an orthotopic rat model for craniofacial bone defects, which will be developed and validated.

  • 2015: Master’s degree in Medicine, obtained at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • 2017: Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine, obtained at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • 2019: Master’s degree in Dentistry, obtained at KU Leuven
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  • Groeneveldt LC, Herpelinck T, Maréchal M, Politis C, van IJcken WFJ, Huylebroeck D, Geris L, Mulugeta E, Luyten FP
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    Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 2020 Nov 25;8:554984. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2020.554984. eCollection 2020.

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