Morgan Germain

PhD Researcher

Modeling and understanding the key factors of the hypetrophic switch in human skeletal progenitors

  • in silico medicine
  • Systems Biology
  • Regulatory Network modelling
  • Computational Biology

Endochondral ossification is a complex process involving a myriad of influencing factors. Signalling pathways precisely navigate mesenchymal stem cells through the correct cascades. A detailed understanding of these cascades will enable us to develop efficient and robust tissue engineering products. In this project we will use mathematical model to further unravel the mechanism behind the hypertrophic switch, using the concept of bistability and irreversibility. In particular, we will focus on the BMP and Wnt pathways, their interactions and the way they determine the switch between the proliferation and hypertrophy program in growth plate chondrocytes.

  • Graduated as biomedical engineer from U Liège, Belgium in 2011

morgan.germain [at]

GIGA in silico medicine, Biomechanics Research Unit, University of Liège CHU-B34, +5, Quartier Hôpital, Avenue de l’Hopital 11, 4000 Liège