Pieter Ansoms

PhD Researcher

Stiffness tailored nondegradable and degradable fracture fixation plates for midshaft clavicle fractures

  • Biomechanical engineering
  • In silico modeling
  • Data science

Bone fractures are common injuries among sporters. For cyclists, bones in the upper extremities are the most vulnerable, with the clavicle being one of the most frequently fractured ones. When operative treatment is necessary (e.g. for displaced fractures), fracture fixation plates are often used for stabilization. Traditionally, these plates are made from bioinert materials. However, biodegradable materials can offer a decrease in implant stiffness over time, gradually increasing the loading on the healing tissue. In this project, an in-silico model will be developed to analyze fracture fixation plate design. The application of realistic loading conditions is an important aspect of modeling. So, in order to identify the physiological loading conditions, musculoskeletal modelling will be used. For the fracture healing, literature describes a spectrum of complex biological models and more simplistic phenomenological models, of which an appropriate type will be selected and implemented in the in-silico model. The fracture healing model and the loading conditions will be validated with clinical data. The in-silico model will then be used to analyse the design of nondegradable and degradable clavicular fracture fixation plates. WE43, a Mg alloy, is the biodegradable material that will be used. A biodegradation model for this has been developed and will be implemented into the FE simulations in order to correctly capture the material degradation.

  • MSc in Biomedical engineering at KU Leuven, 2021
    Thesis: ‘Finite element analysis of the mechanical behavior during the implant biodegradation process’
    Award: ‘Best Master’s Thesis in Biomedical Technology’ given by Materialise (10/09/2021)
  • BSc in Engineering science at KU Leuven, 2019


Biomechanics Section
Department of Mechanical Engineering
KU Leuven
Celestijnenlaan 300 – 04.112
3001 Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium