Satanik Mukherjee

PhD Researcher

Multiscale modeling of experimental setups in skeletal regeneration

  • Finite element analysis
  • Multi-scale modelling
  • Tissue engineering
  • Computational biomechanics

The aim of my research is to develop multi-scale computational models of the knee joint and other bioreactor setups typically used in skeletal tissue engineering to investigate the role of mechanical signals in chondrogenic differentiation. These multi-scale models would help in identifying mechanical stimulus which will aid tissue engineers in generating bone or cartilage as well as to devise physio-therapeutic strategies to arrest Osteoarthritis.

  • Master of Technology in Engineering Mechanics
    Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
    Thesis topic: Simulation of cutting of brain tissue.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, India.

satanik.mukherjee [at]

Afdeling Biomechanica ,
Celestijnenlaan 300, 3001 Heverlee
Room : 04.210
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