Loïc and Sophie attended the 2nd MicroPhysiological Systems World Summit

Loïc Comeliau and Sophie Bekisz had the opportunity to attend the 2nd MicroPhysiological
Systems (MPS) World Summit, which took place from 26 to 30 June 2023 in Berlin (Germany).

In their words, “This meeting was incredible, with more than 1300 participants, 150 talks, an amazing organization and a lot of rewarding discussions about microphysiological systems”. They gained a lot of new knowledge about a wide range of emerging technologies, such as organoids, microfluidics, organ-on-a-chip, advanced cellular models, and many others. These novel experimental techniques will be applied in their research about the lymphatic system. The insights generated by microfluidic chips could be exploited to inform or validate the in silico models used or implemented in the lab.