Tom and Liesbeth will host a stand at the Nerdland Festival 2024

Tom Verbraeken and Liesbeth Ory will host a stand at the Nerdland Festival 2024, a unique event for fun, interactive scientific outreach which takes place in Wachtebeke (Belgium) on May 25th and 26th.

Join them for an extraordinary journey into the world of developmental biology with “Magische Modelorganismen”! Presented by collaborative research groups at KU Leuven, this immersive exhibit invites people to explore the fascinating realm of model organisms. Study the zebrafish, the chicken, the mouse, the fruit fly and the C. elegans worm. Step into the shoes of a researcher as you explore these wondrous creatures in various stages of development. Dive into genetics, look for mutations and learn how these organisms help us gain insights into developmental processes and diseases. A unique opportunity to experience science up close and unravel the mysteries of life!