We enjoyed a great, sunny team day in Liège!

On April 30, 2024, we all enjoyed a great team day together in Liège.

Our day started early so we could have breakfast together (yes, we love croissants!). In the morning session, we attended a webinar in which we learned about ourselves and our colleagues, and how to strengthen our group dynamics and relationships. This was followed by lunch and some networking on a sunny terrace (yes, we love that sun vitamin D even more!). In the afternoon, we moved towards fun activities. First, we practiced our (artistic) scientific outreach skills in a “hands-on webinar” – which is a fancy way to say “we painted with colored pencils and had lots of fun doing it!” Second, we went to the city center of Liège and saved humanity from a virus – okay, yes, hypothetically, because it was part of an outdoor escape room; and playing was so much fun! To finish the day, we enjoyed some dinner and ice cream together.

We truly had an awesome day together. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!