Ayse published in Qualitative Inquiry

Ayse Kose published a research article in Qualitative Inquiry entitled “Co-Designing Multispecies Speculations Through Biofuturing”, which is the outcome of the workshop Biofutures Living Lab (April 2023, KU Leuven). Ayse and her team contributed to the design of Algae Suits, which are speculated to protect human body in a dramatic narrative in which the earth’s atmosphere is disrupted and the surface life is exposed to extreme irradiation. The Algae Suits were considered as an intersection of algae, tardigrades and humans, which creates a unique hybrid interspecies co-living scenario, fostering a profound journey toward mutually beneficial coexistence. This union also addresses collective trauma, ultimately guiding on a path of healing and a more harmonious existence.

You can check the publication here.